Focus Lab manages to take a clean, minimal approach and make it personal and inviting. I’m all kinds of in love with their layout, typography, and smart use of color. I love the friendly tone of their copy and the slick yet subtle interactions with their work samples. Everything is well positioned and every detail seems purposeful. Overall it’s a great looking, professional site.

Review by: Maria Frey
@mariafrey |

  • Thank you for your kind words! We were in serious need of rebranding (or branding at all for that matter) at the beginning of this year. We were always so consumed by client work and never able to devote time internally. We dedicated a couple weeks in January to creating our brand and were very happy with the outcome. You touched on everything we were going for 🙂 Read about the process on our blog post >

  • Ah yes, a case of the cobbler’s shoes. Never time to work on your own stuff. Thanks for sharing the link about your process. I’ll check that out for sure! And again, great job to you and your team!