Chattanooga History Center


Submitted by Josiah Roe @josiahq.

It has three different color schemes, a different one on each session, it’s pretty cool.

I really like the look of this website. The colors are unique and the typography is quite sharp, mix that in with some nice photography and it’s a winner. If there’s something to criticize here, i’d say that it needs to give the user some more feedback on the links, the main nav has a roll over state but the other elements that are actual buttons and other text links don’t change in any way. That would really complete this site in a nice way. I also really enjoyed the background image, it gives the page a nice sense of movement and aides the movement of your page scanning back up to the top right corner where “become a member” and “contact us” are, i’d suggest really thinking over that particular place on the page and make sure that the absolute most important links are there.


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