Nick Pettit – Episode 52

This episode is a month or so out of date, the (@DoctypeTV) guys have since come back from their short break to bring us even better episodes of their video podcast. But we’d like you to meet Nick (@nickrp) and the podcast if you haven’t yet. They are some great guys to get to know and they create a really great podcast series for those of us who make websites for a living.

Here’s the transcript from the interview Julia did with Nick:

Julia Anderson: Hi this is Julia here with, and I’m here with Nick Pettit from Doctype. Tell us what Doctype is.

Nick Pettit: Doctype is a weekly show for web designers and web developers. And every week we have a segment about web design and a segment about web development. And we release a new episode every Tuesday at

Julia: How long has Doctype been around?

Nick:: It’s been around since December 1st, 2009. That’s when we released our first episode.

Julia: Some pretty quick growth then, because you guys are getting pretty big now.

Nick:: Yeah, yeah. We have about 5,000 viewers every week which is great. I mean we’re really pretty thankful for everybody that watches. It’s awesome.

Julia: What do you think is the secret behind your success with Doctype, and just having that podcast, and the visual effects going on there?

Nick:: Secret? I think the secret is just teaching something every week that people can take away and apply to their site right away. I think also another big thing that really helped us out was keeping it short. Because our episodes are only 10 minutes long, we don’t really ramble or anything. We keep it pretty straight to the point. And I think one more thing that helped us was that we release an episode every Tuesday. We’re pretty consistent….

Julia: …Scheduled.

Nick:: …Yeah, scheduled. And so it’s almost pavlovian, people just type in the url and go straight to the site.

Julia: Pavlovian, I like that. [laughs]

Nick:: Well, yeah it is.

Julia: All right, well tell us what’s going on new with Doctype? Where are you guys going? Where do you see yourself going?

Nick:: Well, I mean we’ve been doing Doctype for a little while now. I think we’re on episode 34 right now. And I think pretty soon we might be taking a really short hiatus to reassess things, and think about how we can mix it up and take the show in new directions and do more stuff with it. …Because we want to make it a little more interactive. We want to include viewer questions and more of that kind of thing. But right now we’re just riding the wave; enjoying it.

Julia: Well, and I heard that you guys are working with Carsonified now. What’s that bit about? What do you got?

Nick:: Well, we work full time for Carsonified now. And we do all of the tutorial videos for Think Vitamin membership at And it’s a paid membership, and that is a lot more in depth than Doctype. You know Doctype is a really short 10 minute show, and I Think Vitamin membership is all about tutorials and really showing you step by step exactly how to do web stuff.

Julia: All right, well thank you very much.

Nick:: Thank you.

Julia: Check out Doctype every Tuesday guys.


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