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Why are Microformats important?

Microformats allow us to describe our content in ways that machines/apps can recognize and interact with it. For example, on your iPhone, a phone number can be clickable and will dial up the number without you having to type it in. There’s many other more useful reasons but I think an explanation like this really explains it well.

The Official Definition

From Microformats.org we can pick up some great uses and implementation practices. Emily is by far one of the most well versed people in this subject that i’ve met. Her book Microformats Made Simple is also a really great resource.

Designed for humans first and machines second, microformats are a set of simple, open data formats built upon existing and widely adopted standards.

About: Emily Lewis

Emily LewisAuthor of Microformats Made Simple, Emily Lewis (@emilylewis) has been working as a web professional since 1998, dabbling in project management and programming until she realized her true loves (HTML and CSS) and became a web designer. She is an expert in web standards, semantic markup, microformats and CSS. Emily also specializes in usability and accessibility. She is passionate about community building and knowledge sharing. She co-manages Webuquerque, the New Mexico Adobe User Group for web practitioners. She also speaks about standards, markup, CSS, accessibility and microformats for various groups and conferences.

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