Jonah Goldstein:

When I first came across the website for author Sophie Hardach ( I knew right away it was special. The creator of this thing had clearly given some thought up front and had come up with a novel approach to the layout and interactions and had also worked in some really nice details. It’s craftsmanship like that which will get you nominated for something like .Net Magazine’s 10 websites of the year award.

This site now serves as an introduction to Sophie Hardach’s first novel, The Registrar’s Manual for Detecting Forced Marriages. The novel itself is a journey of a Kurdish refugee and a Marriage Registrar and begins with a splash into Mediterranean, and so the site follows in suit stylistically. The postcard, stamps, and postmarks are really German period pieces. Hopefully people will enjoy the site as much as I enjoyed reading Sophie’s first novel.
– Jonah Goldstein

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After the website getting some attention across the web for it’s crafty contact form details, namely a tweet from Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman, the site made it’s way across several galleries and such pretty quickly. If that’s not enough to get you wanting to pour some serious effort into your next project i’m not sure what would. From there the editors of .Net Magazine noticed it and we find the site in their top 10 sites of the year award category.


The voting is over now at the .Net awards but the story is still compelling to me. After all Jonah is a one man shop and most, if not all, of the other sites in that category are team efforts to my knowledge. The site is up against websites like Nike’s Better World site. He’s done some interesting things too, like a micro-site sort of deal “campaign in a bottle” to try to get some more attention to the voting and has had some decent results with it. It’s effort like that which inspires me, I don’t know about you!

Jonah is also really great for being open enough to share his experiences with me in the above interview too. Many thanks!

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