ConvergeSE 2013 – Thank You!

ConvergeSE 2013

Thank You All!

We would like to give a sincere and gracious thank you to everyone involved with ConvergeSE 2013. From the attendees, who are some of the nicest, friendliest and thoughtful people we’ve ever met, to the volunteers who showed up to form the small army that made everything go so smoothly. I don’t think i’m over exaggerating to use the word magical to describe the experience this past weekend in Columbia, SC. It takes the perfect storm of people to make something like this happen and we would just like to say thank you to as many people as we can recall:

Aaron Draplin, Daniel Burka, Carl Smith, Chris Coyier, Jenn Lukas, Leslie Jensen-Inman, Mig Reyes, Emily Lewis, Josh Higgins, James White, Greg Hoy, Nicole & Brian Cendrowski, Lea Alcantara, Wren Lanier, Jared Ponchot, Ben Callahan, Nathan Peretic, Jay Fanelli, Jonathan Longnecker, Nate Croft, Austin Church, Val Head, Raquel Velez, Rob Tarr, Rob Harr, Jonathan LeBlanc, Hampton Catlin, J Cornelius, Jed Schneider, Bermon Painter, Hunter Loftis, Mark Rickert, Bryce Bigger, Josh Netherton, Jonathan Smiley, Dean Schuster, Tom Wilson, Aaron Griswold (Bigfoot), Dan Denny, Jason Johnson, Greg Lunn, Todd Lewis, Chris Harrison, Sarah Crawford, Amanda DiFeterici, Lauren & William Manke + Northbound Design, Merle Fending + Steve Sancho, Bones Rugs & Harmony, Sean Potter, Jason Rikard, Clay Marra, Nguyen Taylor, Ellis Creel, Greg Hilton, Naomi Sargent, Aaron Graves, Charles Akins, Antoine RJ Wright, Joelle Ryan Cook, Matt Thompson, John Hunt, Marcus Williamson, Keith Pickett, Julia Anderson, Alex Meckes, Molly Wolfe, Nicole Litteral, Gray Gunter, Andrew Askins, Karl McCollester, Paul Cifaldi, Carlos Rivera, Barkley Wolfe, Kiosha Gregg, Meredith Davis, Kaitlyn Torrence, Alice Ewards, Alex Meckes, Chloe Rodgers, Ali Seymore, linabel Ramirez, Kaitlyn Torrence, Kyler Hall Hall, Reno Gooch, Jill Shepard, Nathalie Gregg, Kiosha Gregg, Alana Fuscardo, Stephanie Gielarowski, Anna Mathias, Molly Wolfe, Jennifer Baker, Melissa Hirsch, christi riggs, Hannah Rozek, John Wilkinson, Ryal Curtis, Elizabeth Turner, Alex Cebry, Mikelle Street, Sara Velordi, Carol Smith, Gina Hayes, Lucy Youngblood, any volunteer we’ve missed here, Columbia Museum of Art, Tapps Art Center, Nickelodeon Theatre, IT-oLogy, Art Bar, Social, The Whig, Mailchimp, Richland Library, Paypal, Lullabot, Dribbble, BoomTown, inVision, Codepen, Grubbly, Engine Hosting, {e} house studio, Harvest, Nextdoor, codeschool, Qcat, The Web Development Group, Environments For Humans, United Pixelworkers, 10 up, Mandrill, Tech After 5, Application Developers Network, Anthony at Sticker Mule, Fork and Spoon Records, Those Lavender Whales, Mechanical River, Southern Femisphere, Laser Chicken and finally; the music was killer right? That was local legend Dr. Scott Padgett.

A special thank you is in order to Debi Schadel and Tracie Broom of Flock & Rally. They provided the final ingredient to Converge that we’ve been searching for.

+ Every single one of our attendees! We love you all!

There is bound to be someone we couldn’t include, because I’m terrible at remembering things, so if we’ve omitted your name please let us know, we so much want to include your name here. I think you get the picture from the list above in just how big of an endeavor Converge is. There is no way it could have been pulled off by just the three of us here at UnmatchedStyle.

We are so grateful for all of you. Thank you!


Gene Crawford

With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. An active member in the design community, he's the editor & producer of, the ConvergeSE, ConvergeFL, ConvergeRVA and the Breaking Development conference series.