ConvergeFL 2012 Wrap Up

ConvergeFL 2012

Converge Florida is all done and from our perspective it was a successful event. We’ll be debriefing here at UnmatchedStyle and going over all the details soon but there are a lot of thank you’s that need to be said first.

Thank you to everyone who attended, honestly it’s all of you who inspire us! We hope you had fun, learned a ton of stuff, got inspired and generally feel great to start off the week thinking new thoughts.

Thank You Speakers:

Leslie Jensen-Inman@jenseninman
For showing us how we can all be awesome and do good every day.

Chris Coyier@chriscoyier
For taking 40 minutes and teaching us how to be an up to date web designer/developer.

Cameron Moll@cameronmoll
For inspiring us and showing us the path to creativity.

Carl Smith@carlsmith
For sharing how you turn business into jellyfish.

Jina Bolton@jina
For bringing the Sass thunder. (Slides)

Christopher Schmitt@teleject
For leading the way in thinking about how we build the web.

JD Graffam@jdgraffam
For the eye tracking knowledge and a great party in room 717.

J Cornelius@jc
For helping us to NOT outsmart ourselves when it comes to our own creativity.

Vincent Hunt@VincentHunt
For getting us fired up about what we are all capable of.

Darren Allen@whitedogdesign
For sharing a great way to approach working with our own clients.

Mark Marsiglio@thinkcreative
For sharing how you’ve developed a new way to update websites.

Thank You Workshop Instructors:

Jed Schneider – @jedschneider
Bermon Painter – @bermonpainter
JD Graffam – @jdgraffam

Thank You WorkUp Coaches:

Allan Branch – @allanbranch
Robert Pearce – @RobertWPearce
Carl Smith – @carlsmith
Josh Greenberg – @Grooveshark
J Cornelius – @jc


Tallahassee was pretty quiet without a home game, but I’m pretty sure we made just about as much noise by bringing Converge to town. Having the main event in an IMax theater was pretty crazy and intense. How many times can you say you got to see 75 foot tall slides with CSS on ’em?


Huge props to Mike Houghton @mycotn, he’s a local design community leader who runs Refresh Tallahassee and now has brought ConvergeFL to the area. We are so glad to call him a friend!

Best Quote!



Sass Logo Unveiled

Inspirational Video

This was much more spectacular on the IMax, but it’s still worth rewatching.



So without our wonderful sponsors Converge wouldn’t happen. It’s that simple. We loved these guys before they were sponsors and thank them so much for sponsoring Converge Florida! Please check them out when you get a minute and tell them that we sent you.

Mailchimp – Awesome email newsletters.
InVision – Create online app/website design mockups.
Simple App Group – Great app design/dev company.
LessAccounting – The best small business accounting app. They also bought us all Ice Cream on Friday. Dang!
Balsamiq – Rapid prototyping/wireframing app.
Tal Search Group – Tech talent placement company.
Ucompass – Online Learning & Education software.
StickerMule – They make the best dang stickers on the internet. Period.
Scout Books – Create custom note books that fit in your pocket.
Think Creative – Great web design/dev firm and sponsor for happy hour Thursday night.
GitHub – After party drinks Friday night. HUZZAH!

Thank You!

There’s so much more that’s been left out of this post, we can’t possibly fit it all in. We had such a great time and sincerely hope you all did too. We’ll be back in 2013 for sure.

Until then we’ll see you around the internet, so don’t be a stranger!


Gene Crawford

With over a decade of experience in the industry he has overseen the design and architecture of hundreds of web sites and applications. An active member in the design community, he's the editor & producer of, the ConvergeSE, ConvergeFL, ConvergeRVA and the Breaking Development conference series.