Wingman Chicken Wings

I only made it to Melbourne once (briefly) when I lived in Australia – and if Wingman was around then, I probably would have moved there. I do have a love for most things Aussie, from Rubgy (all three versions), to seacoast living, to the bats that live in the Royal Botanical Gardens – but food was always a weird thing to negotiate being from the States. And chicken wings were reserved for Asian restaurants – not smothered with hot sauce, spices and butter.

Oh yeah.. the site.. easy to get sidetracked with food and Australia for me… I really like simple and clean sites that give you the information you want, with good, but subtle design qualities. This is a site like that, with good use of white space (in both the desktop and mobile versions), and pretty cool font (Kingwood) to round it out.

The Steps 1-5 are also a good touch on the menu part – I used to teach international business, and this a clear use of knowing your fledgling market, and guiding them through the decision making process so that their buying experience is … oh forget it, now we’re hungry here… and we’re going to get wings!


Aaron Griswold

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