I love a good travel site because I love exploring new places. Travel sites are valuable because they lend the visitor a good first impression of the place and get them excited about exploring/planning their trip. This site captures the “outdoorsy” feel that Utah wants to promote. It has great textures and a friendly, well organized interface. I think they hit the nail on the head with the ways they offer people to explore Utah which are organized by activity, interest or area.

But then I hit a wall in my Utah adventure when they wanted me to open up their online travel guide in order to see the information I’m looking for. I strongly suggest that they consider putting in some information on the site rather than always linking to travel guides – which are not very web friendly. Putting up some maps would also be helpful to online explorers rather than downloading different pdf maps.

It seems like this site has all the makings to be really great and a helpful resource with a good design and clear organization. The only thing missing is content.

  • john

    love the slide out nav. so sexy

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