When trying to launch a new product, it’s important to instill confidence in a potential customer. Some of the things that can help that are design, content and completeness. This site almost hits on those but doesn’t quite come to deliver the full package.

On the design, it feels a bit too child-like for me, especially for something as dry as analytics. Not that it needs to be completely serious, but the giraffe plus the novelty typeface in the logo lends it an air of unserious-ness. As far as content goes, the main tagline is pretty good. It spells out simply what this app does: “Aggregate all your online statistics using one single service”. But what’s missing is the services those might be. It turns out, if you hover over different parts of the image, little arrows popup for YouTube, Twitter, etc… This is useful information, my recommendation would be to not hide it from the user if possible. Lastly, a site needs to have a “finished” feel to it, for example; all the links need to work. The link to ‘find more information’ goes to a 404 page, which is really unfortunate since if someone is actually clicking on that link, you’re that much closer to a conversion.


Jay Barry

I design and code things for the internet. Aside from writing and reviewing here on UnmatchedStyle, I play drums in a band called Lunch Money.

  • It is pretty unfortunate to find out about your own errors on third party blogs … But thank you so much for taking the time to point to the “dead” link (moved page, which is linked though), which we will fix.

    We would love to see you in our beta program. Will you put in your mail address on You seem to be, what we call a very valuable user.

    Thanks again from people who love to learn from you.

  • Giovanni

    I agree that the site has a few issues that could be addressed but I don’t necessarily feel that the tone is one of them. A relaxed illustrative feel does not always equate to whimsy and a lack of seriousness. Think Wufoo.

    Rather, I feel that some of the design elements are what have created the instability. A prominent diagonal at the top, the single rounded corner and the somewhat disconnected feel of the separate.

    Personally, I would say that the branding is an asset. The giraffe creates a pretty unique identity, especially with something like analytics. The fact that analytics are dry is precisely why I think the brand is fresh. The texture is interesting without looking dirty or overemphasized and the palette goes well with the mascot.

    Finally, I would say that the copy needs work. With such a distinctive visual identity, they text falls pretty flat.

  • I agree with Gio, I think the giraffe could be a nice mascot type of thing for the product and put people in the right frame of mind when dealing with the product.

    However from a conversion standpoint I think the page needs some work, the screenshots are marginalized down in the bottom right corner, the placement of the email signup box is good. I also think the tag line being a question isn’t quite the right message, perhaps if it simply explained what the product can do for you as opposed to asking me if I want “one view of all my metrics” it might be a faster message to sink in.

  • Hey guys, these are really cool remarks, that we will definitely take into account.

    I agree, that we will have to work on the text and your help I pretty much appreciated. A lot of it comes from me. And as I am no English native speaker “it might fall flat” as Giovanni put it. If you want to offer professional help, that would be appreciated. We would be wiling to pay for that. Just contact me at mseibert – at –

    For the design I am also convinced, that it is rather an asset, that a problem. At least we won this year’s if award for the surface (see