I really like the interactions and response of the page when navigating around this site. The fly out content boxes for the Dr’s bio’s are pretty cool. Normally I don’t like to hide info like that but in this case I think it’s super practical and a perfect use for that type of thing. I also really like the smooth timing of the way the javascript brings you down to the targeted section you’ve chosen. Overall really nice site here. Makes most veterinarian websites look super lame in comparison.

Fellow UMS Editor Maria Frey has this to say about the site:
There’s a clean and streamlined feel to this site. The information is well structured and easy to scan/read even though it’s a one pager. I think the altering position of the animal silhouettes help carry you down the page. The fonts and different styles applied give the content an illustrative feel, which is also nice. Some web goodies at play here like CSS3, FitText, and a responsive layout, subtly enhance the content and help deliver a great looking site. Overall it’s a very atypical site for a vet, but it has a crafted feel that seems to complement their history of providing great care to your four-legged family members.


Gene Crawford

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