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Submitted by: Maurizio Cascio is a, well, solid design, if you’ll excuse the pun. The designer(s) paid a great deal of attention to structured design by focusing on grid based, typographic design and monochromatic color. Each page is a variation on the main design themes for the site. Some of the nicer details aren’t readily visible; they require a little digging about to see. I especially like the pattern overlay when the search bar is activated. The fact that the overlay is a repeating pattern of diagonal lines (much better for this site than a simple transparent overlay) shows a great attention to detail on the part of the designer(s).

In some ways, the design seems almost a pastiche of minimalism. The massive, yet narrow, type is a little humorous, as are some of the small illustrative elements. Still, all the elements are handled with care and the overall impression is very, well, solid.


Giovanni DiFeterici

Giovanni has a BFA in Fine Art & a BS in Graphic Design. He is an accomplished illustrator & designer. He's the go to guy when it comes to developing creative solutions to complex visual problems.