Red Velvet Art


Submitted by Kurt Theobald, @kurttheobald – CEO of Classy Llama Studios.

Red Velvet Art was the beautiful joining of the illustrative genius of Elsie Flannigan and the web design and production expertise of Classy Llama Studios.

The site is built on Magento, a new open-source shopping cart software that is setting a new standard for e-commerce platforms. Classy Llama Studios specializes in developing e-commerce sites on the Magento platform, and when Red Velvet Art decided to make the transition from their Etsy site, CLS recommended Magento as the solution that fit their needs best.

Classy Llama Studios assigned a creative web director to help Elsie apply her unique illustrative style in a web-friendly format, and the UI team at CLS ensured that users could make the significant transition from the Etsy interface to Magento’s one-page checkout.

Now this site has some serious personality! It’s obvious they’ve put a lot of work into every element of this site and made it there own – down to the shopping cart. Kudos to the UI team, it is very well thought out while still representing the store’s personality. My only gripes here would be some legibility issues on the smaller handwritten text and the blog is linked off-site.