Radar #157

Each week, we do a round up of curated “stuff from the interwebs” that we call Radar.

In this week’s 157th Radar:
The State of UX in 2017
When you spend that much time curating content, it’s natural to start identifying patterns. Here are the UX Trends we’re seeing in the amazing realm of User Experience Design. – The uxdesign.cc team

Don’t Hulk Smash Your Users
If we choose to ignore the people we’re building for, our products will be unusable. That will make people using our products angry. And you know what can happen when people get angry. – Truematter

Are you looking for an answer or are you asking about impact?
The question has everything to do with the answer -Jason Fried

How to Use CSS Shapes in Your Web Design
The layout principles–columns and rows, angles and lines–that we use to build websites today are largely influenced by their print heritage. And although grid implementation on the web is getting better and more polished, web layout in general is still awkward compared to print media, especially when it comes to content flow.

The Art of Stealing: How to Become a Master Designer
Pablo Picasso once said, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” This has never been more true than today.

Giving Your Product A Soul
Today, too many websites are still inaccessible. In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort.

How to Annotate and Document UX Deliverables
You just won a big new piece of work. The schedule is tight and so is the budget. Luckily, the project proposal defined the deliverables and timeline, so the team can start immediately and knows exactly what they need to produce and when. But as the project unfolds, it quickly becomes apparent that what the […]

The state of design tools in 2017
In the design world, we live in exciting times. It seems that the number of design tools in 2016 has started competing with a number of tools for developers. Finally!

Designing User-Interfaces for Virtual Reality
An introductory look into spatial design and typography

Everything You Wanted to Know About Email CTA Buttons
From the beginning of mankind/womankind, buttons have been useful in interacting with the physical world. Here’s a quick rundown on how humans have developed buttons for special purposes:

Designing for Television
Welcome to the new Golden Age of television. Not only is there more great television being produced than ever before, but we also have more choice in how we watch our favorite shows. And while we can access these shows anywhere and anytime through our computers, phones, and tablets, televisions themselves still maintain a special […]

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