Parenteau SF Journey

This is a tale of a Designer/Developer that went on a trip to meet people in the product space in San Francisco. The plan was simple: take some conference budget and get creative with it. When it is all said and done.. make a small mini-website and tell a story. That’s what I did. There are some nice web fonts, the site is responsive, some CSS3 and html5 stuffs.

I had fun making this.

I’ve meant to feature this site for a while. I love the virtual story telling/diary/journal concept and it’s a fun reminder of an awesome trip that Mr. Parenteau took to San Francisco. Weird thing was Giovanni and I were there at the same time, but we just couldn’t work out getting together. Great site too, we should all do this type of thing to chronicle our experiences that are most memorable. Looks great too!


Gene Crawford

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