Nice easy going website design visually. This site is deep on content and organization. The thing I like about this site is that it’s not a flashy client and the result of the work is all business. That’s what it’s about in what we do every day. Making it happen for all our clients, even something like a rehab hospital. The result of this design is a clear concise way to get into the content of the site while maintaining also a clear call to action – based on research that happy cog did. I love how the main two navigation items targeting the site’s two main audiences are treated differently from the rest of the main navigation to stand out. Smart design here.

Here’s what Happy Cog had to say about the website on their own site (Read their full post here):

While the newly surfaced content does a great job showing MossRehab is a trusted, knowledgable place to heal and rebuild, the new visual system also has to support this message. Stark white is avoided in favor of a softer, more soothing palette. Transparent boxes are layered with organic elements to create a visual richness that supported the many facets of MossRehab as an institution. The visual design follows the guiding principle that “just enough is enough.” Too much visual ephemera would distract from the content. Our goal was to craft a visual language that supported the easy-to-use interface, tied together with smart and beautiful typography.


Gene Crawford

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