This is the website for Andy Clarke’s ‘Hard Boiled Web Design’ book. I just ordered mine and am waiting patiently to get it in the mail. The website design is fairly straight forward, and it mostly a working site to back the book up, with links to video content to demonstrate examples from the book and example file downloads.

Overall I dig the dark background, it fits with the illustration and the ‘hard boiled’ vibe. For me Andy Clarke’s work has always appeared simple yet full of subtlety. Take the media query setup that’s been done for this website.

hardboiled_small /></p>
<p>It’s a really great example to use when showing off what we mean when we talk about delivering the content differently for different device screen widths. At least I know it’s in my list of sites to use as examples.</p>
<p>Now, when’s that book getting here?</p>
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