greenstreetadvisorscom is a very nice site.  It’s minimal design is perfect for the large amount of information that the site has about Green Street Advisors. Every section of the site, from page to page is customized for content. utilizes just about everything in the tool chest. Tabs, modal windows, buttons, switchers and drop-downs are all used to parse through the information and while this creates a broad range of interactions,  the use of these interface patterns is smart and thoughtful and actually helps to make sense of a lot of copy.

The typesetting is simple but rich with variety and serves as the most the ‘design’. Info graphics and art are well integrated with the copy  and create a nice vertical rhythm as you scroll down the page.

This is a very nice real-world site. I hope we get more of this sort in the future.


Giovanni DiFeterici

Giovanni has a BFA in Fine Art & a BS in Graphic Design. He is an accomplished illustrator & designer. He's the go to guy when it comes to developing creative solutions to complex visual problems.