Google has done a lot lately to refine their visual style, and this couldn’t be more true than in the Google Ventures website. Beautiful photography, simple and clean typography, and a clever use of icons, make the site a joy to look at and simple to use.

Whitespace abounds on the interior pages, giving the content room to breathe and a joy to consume. Did that sound corny? I don’t care. Most websites need more whitespace and should follow the Google Ventures Design Studio’s example.

While I do feel the content on the home page could use a bit more focus (some blocks link to external sites, some to internal pages, some are interactive widgets), on the whole, the site succeeds. I can’ t wait to see what comes out of it.


Richard Robinson

Rich Robinson has been pushing pixels and writing code for the past 7 years, or so. When not sitting in front of his computer, you can usually find him drawing, reading a comic book or taking in a sci-fi movie.

  • That is damn impressive for a google website. I dug a little deeper and found that did a lot of the graphic work. Not a bad looking site there, either.

    • It is indeed a beautiful website. I think we all need to stop underestimating Google’s ability to get beautiful design done though.

  • @roto – Nice find. I really dig the work the folks over at WeightShift have been putting out. Especially their Rdio identity work.