Element Creative

Element has just launched a really well done site. It has all the fancy bells and whistles of a hero carousel, responsive design, and snazzy graphics. What I really appreciate though is how overall what they’ve done is create a mature and solid brand experience. To me, the call to action here is less about the quick sell, and more about the discovery. I get the sense that every detail was poured over and that directly reflects how they’ll help those ‘happy clients achieve global domination.’



Maria dedicates her days to designing for successful user experiences on the Internet. She currently helps manage digital style & standards at a Fortune 100 company and can also be found co-organizing a local UX Meetup Group in Charlotte, NC. Occasionally she dribbbles and throws.

  • http://www.aceeightofspades.com Justin Seidl

    I completely agree with you Maria regarding all of the little details Element put into their redesign that puts a strong work quality to their brand. My favorite thing about this new design would have to be their fun retro-nuclear illustrations.