Love how this site uses the vertical scroll in the browser to power the narrative of why Fracking is bad. The graphics are all simplistic and very effective to give the particular portion of the story context. Love this!


Gene Crawford

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  • The storytelling is wonderful.

    I’m happy to see a vertical scroller that uses the progression to great advantage – I mean, beyond aesthetics. I really WANTED to keep following the story (and the main character we wander down with)… and besides that I ACTUALLY LEARNED SOMETHING.


  • This is one of the best examples of this “type” of vertical scrolling narrative i’ve seen yet Jonah. Glad you liked it.

  • agreed @Gene

    i must say, i like the summary badges that accumulate at the top of the window as you pass through “chapters” of the story.

    was surprised they didn’t make the badges into active links to slide back up to the related sections.

    but i’m sticking with my stamp of approval for sure:)

  • ed

    the presentation is great. it can be easily understood. thanks

  • Drew

    Hey, what happened to the site? I wanted to share…

  • jonny

    Anyone know why this site went down? It was awesome and I always showed it to my web design students 🙁