The new blog for Happy Cog called Cognition, pretty cool naming. I love this design, it’s chock full of really interesting interaction detail work and layout elements. There’s so much going on here in this deceptively simple looking blog i’ll just cross off my favorite parts here.

The large(ish) fly-out navigation elements, work like most normal nav elements of this kind but the extra detail on each post is most welome here. The search field also has a really cool effect when you click into it, the fade out doesn’t really improve any usability but it’s just fun – and sometimes that counts a lot.

The other big piece to this site is the swapping out of traditional comments for a tweet based comment engine. It’s been discussed, I think even on the Cognition site itself, but I still think it’s a worthy idea to consider. Can’t say we haven’t talked about it here for the UMS site either, personally I don’t think it’s a bad idea… What are your thoughts on it?


Then finally, I love this ASCII art in the CSS file. My all time favorite thing to do with your site!


Gene Crawford

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