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New site launch: Citizens Theatre, Glasgow. A very fun project. We did design and build.

This is a very interesting design. It has some very beautiful typography and the layout is really clean and open feeling. The site reads/scans quite well as you parse through all the info. I love how the sub pages or sub sections I guess, have different colors and that the colors take on a life of their own by helping to brand the actual shows. I many ways I love these sub page looks better than the home page. There are some weird things going on with the site, I mixes some things up. For example, there’s paging on the bottom of the home page and I’m not sure most people will really get what that’s there for and then there is a form for comments like on a blog post on the show pages. I’m not saying either of those are bad or break the usability in any way, just that I could be slightly off-putting or possibly confusing to some visitors.

All in all, this site is really well done, it’s inspiring to me personally as I review it. The width and breadth of this design is impressive to say the least.


Gene Crawford

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  • david benedictus

    I met Billy Mack at the Assembly Rooms. I had directed him in a Scottish Youth Theatre show in Kirkcaldy oh a lifetime ago. He told me that he was in The Sound Of My Voice so I went to see it at the Wildman Room the following day and tried to find him in the bar afterwards hoping to chew the fat with him and tell him how terrific I thought his performance was, but I must have been in the wrong bar. Could you pass a message to him please so he doesn’t think that I was so unimpressed that I skived off. I wasn’t and I didn’t and Billy you were grand!
    Please get this to him if you can.
    David Benedictus