This is a no-nonsense site that shows the Who and the What. I like that the intro area at the top gives you a quick but solid idea of who Allison is. If you’re already so super-engaged by the high quality photo of her and her pet ampersand, there are links to go off and explore other parts of the web where she’s found. If you want to dig down a bit you’ll see really well done presentations of her work, along with a small amount of info relevant to the challenge and her role in the solution. I got a little tripped up by the “roles” text being contained. At first I thought they might be buttons that would allow me to sort projects by that role, but they are just static text. The large screenshots make the page very long, but at the bottom there’s a strong reiteration of who did all that fantastic work and how to get ahold of her. The site is straightforward, lean, and full of design goodness.