Contest Update

We hope all of you are putting your skills to work on the competition. So far we've had over 3,800 people download the design, so we're sure to have some great submissions. We can't wait to see them all!

Since we released the design last Thursday, there have been a few issues and questions that have cropped up that we need to address:

The 'Open Sans' font is not able to be used with the Font Squirrel @font-face generator.

We didn't realize this was an issue until after we released the design. The @font-face kit is available on the Open Sans page. The license just doesn't allow for use with the generator. Since we've had a lot of questions about this, we're going to make an exception in this one case and allow the use of the Google Webfonts API ( for that font.

The extra bits of copy for the obstacles is missing

The large obstacle has text that says '6FT slide covered in gunk' and there is nothing provided for the others. You can be as creative as you want on this by coming up with your own phrases. However, you won't be penalized for not coming up with your own. It's up to you.

There are slight differences between the PSD and the PNG

A few people have pointed out some differences in colors and textures. We feel these are minimal and for the most part are due to the design being first designed in Photoshop and converted to Fireworks. We're not sure how we could have avoided this since they are two entirely different programs. The goal is to accommodate people who are comfortable in either program. You will not be penalized for any differences resulting in the differences between the two designs. Also, when you submit there will be a field for you to tell us which version you started from

You didn't sign up but you'd like to enter

Since you're on this list you signed up, but if you know anybody who wants to join in, just let them know they don't need to sign up. They can just grab the design and get to work.

Entry submissions

We'll be putting up a submission form in the next day or so, stay tuned for that and we'll email out again when you all can send in your entries. Until then, keep coding, take your time and most importantly have fun with it!

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