Submitted by Jorge Gonzalez, @jorgeespira.

Yoeco is an spanish firm that sells ecological foods to take at home.

This is a nice simple website. I especially like the fresh, crisp looking lettuce on the sides. I thought this was a good example of how to work with a bad logo – by downplaying it and placing it lower in the content area. I think the question mark icons next to everything are unnecessary and confusing – I tried clicking on it to see if it did anything and it doesn’t. The sub pages seem to be very clean and well organized with simple forms and relative pictures.

  • Flo

    I do absolutely agree with you. Fresh design. I like it, too. And I also clicked on the question mark icons because I didn’t read your text carefully enough …

  • Crisp, clean design. Nice background photography with the lettuce as well.

    I’m curious why they chose to disregard the grid in a seamingly meaningless way in the top slideshow. I feel like that area is a week point.

  • @Matthew – I hadn’t noticed that until you pointed it out, I should have seen that. That does ‘feel’ a bit weird on the design now that you mention it. Like they are two different elements being pulled together in the same home page or something. It all looks really nice, but now that I see that it sticks with me.