Found via tweet from @jdgraffam.

thinks @coroutine‘s new site’s charmingly nerdy: they just need less wide text on inside pages.

I particularly like the layout of the home page, they make sure and give you all the info or access to all the info you need to find out about their company and work from this page. It’s well done and I like how the grid is used. I do feel like they over used the layout from the home page throughout the rest of the website. There is essentially no difference from the home page and the work page and I wanted something different when I clicked that link. Overall it’s a well done design with nice coloring and deep(ish) information.


Gene Crawford

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  • Thanks for having us on! This is great for us as we’re primarily hackers by trade–not designers. We greatly appreciate your feedback! We’re always looking to improve the quality of our work–both in design and development.