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  • Illustration of The Tank obstacle

    The Tank

    An ooey, gooey, sticky-sweet swim!

  • Illustration of the Sundae Slide obstacle

    Sundae Slide

    Round and round you go!

  • Illustration of the Human Hamster Wheel obstacle

    Human Hamster Wheel

    Woodchips optional!

  • Illustration of the Down the Hatch obstacle

    Down the Hatch

    6ft Slide Covered in Gunk!

  • Illustration of the Pick It! obstacle

    Pick It!

    Buried treasure of nasaly delight!

  • Illustration of The Wringer obstacle

    The Wringer

    Metaphysically wrinkle free!

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  1. Illustration of the Space Camp logo
    A Trip to Space Camp!
  2. Illustration of the Nash skateboard prize
    A Nash Skateboard!
  3. Illustration of the 13 Inch TV/VCR combo prize
    A 13 Inch TV/VCR Combo!
  4. Illustration of the Casio Rapman keyboard prize
    A Casio Rapman Keyboard!

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