Triple Dare

The web’s messiest challenge!

Airing Thursdays on the Knucklelodeon Network™


The Tank

1200 litres of yogurt and sprinkles!

A large tank full of something white (we'll go with yogurt) topped with sprinkles

Sundae Slide

6 meters of slippery goodness!

A large spiraling slide with a dirty big sundae waiting at the bottom

Human Hamster Wheel

Like running in circles?

A human sized hampster wheel

Down the Hatch

6ft slide covered in gunk!

A slide, covered in 'gunk' with a giant Mick Jagger mouth at the top

Pick it!

6ft nose filled with gunk!

A huge nose, dripping in snot, wearing sunglasses and sporting a rather bushy set of eye brows.

The Wringer

A squishy end for those still standing!

A clothes wringer type machine, leave the viewer wondering how on earth anyone would survive a trip through it.


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