• The Tank icon

    The Tank

    The Tank
    A sweet sweaty moment!
    The Tank picture
  • Sundae Slide icon

    Sundae Slide

    Sundae Slide
    Spin, twist, sundae!
    Sundae Slide picture
  • Human Hamster Wheel icon

    Human Hamster Wheel

    Human Hamster Wheel
    You spin me round, baby!
    Human Hamster Wheel picture
  • Down The Hatch icon

    Down the Hatch

    Down the Hatch
    6ft slide covered in gunk!
    Down The Hatch picture
  • Pick It icon

    Pick it!

    Pick it!
    Beat the nose and get slimed
    Pick It picture
  • The Wringer icon

    The Wringer

    The Wringer
    Time to dry yourself!
    The Wringer picture


  1. Space Camp logo

    A trip to Space Camp!

  2. Casio Rapman keyboard

    A Casio Rapman keyboard!

  1. Skateboard

    A nash Skateboard!

  2. TV/VCR Combo

    A 13 inch TV/VCR Combo!

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